from about 1 month ago on 2020-01-22

So here we go. Kyle Shamalam (sun of former super bowl champloon Mike Shanaham) and his robust 49ers will take on Andy Reeee and the explosinbg Kasnas city Chief. What a marchup. Jimmy Growpollo and Patty McHomies are fittingly set to duel it out in the capitol of Latin America. Get your swim trunks and your netty pots ready as Fat Catty is headed to Miami, Feels Great, Baby!™ Will the Nanners™ defense slow down McHomie? Will Reek Hill and Frank Clark resist beating up any more women/children for another week? will Sharkira's hips finally lie? And, will marshawn ever find those chickens??

So many fantástico storylines to keep an eye on, but we've got you covered. Tune in here for all your superbole needs, get ready for some football americana.