effie gardens 5-23

5-23 upcoming playbook:

  • my peppers have a arrived and i have to figure out how to care for them
  • the rest of my stuff is arriving tomorrow and on friday and saturday
  • i have the materials i need to harden my peppers arriving wednesday
  • i will harden the peppers and start the seeds wed + thr + fri + sat + sun + mon
  • im about to finish my 'cad' style drawing so i can knock off one of my key results
  • i need to work on plant care guides so i can achieve the keepin them alive - ill add the guides to the page
  • once i have guides + schematic i can work on setting up scheduling plan / system

looking ahead i need 

i'll use posts for updates and keep the effiegardens page flowing with evergreen content about my greenthumb

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on 2023-05-24