Archive new desk, part 3

we quickly cleared off the desk, removed the drawer, folded it up - like it does - and moved it. 

pretty nifty. it served well at the shoppe for a day

back home today and ready for a big work week (I hope)

pretty good day for the desk

score: 8/100
from 1 day ago
Archive music for the people, ma nt ra
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from 6 days ago
Archive new desk, part 2

im more hyped for the beach chair outside

its this one right here

can the future of man be built on this surface

tune in

score: 10/100
from 8 days ago
Archive bug report

i don't think the first tag can be two words

score: 5/100
tags: cool, ok, testing it
from 8 days ago
Archive new desk, part 1

sitting a little bit lower, my hands hit the damn top of the drawer thing

i think theres a little finessing todo - i used to like to sit high and look down at the work but now i think itll change

just dropped the monitor low, this is a bit better. I hope i dont get a crick in my neck from always looking left. my i should center the monitor trying now

nah the look left is better, i can spin my my chair and look straight, but if i rotate my keyboard to like 25 degrees it gets hard to hit 0 - p 0 [-=0 all the keys in the top right because they end up under the lip of the drawer.. backspace is a big problem hmm cant delete without friction

i can scoot a little left and look a little straighter, but i have to maybe just not settle----give it some time and revisit. I think now i know my drawer needs to extend at least 2 inches more than this one does --- if it did i think i'd be in great shape 

id even be fine if this desk didnt have a shitty little lip, i could rotate it off a bit and hang control, windows, alt shift off the bottom left corner, but because of the little LIP it goes teeter totter (looking this up) and is unusable

teeter totter nice

right now i want to find another desk, but for now this is IT

score: 4/100
tags: new, saga, desk, pt1
from 8 days ago
Archive are mirrors fair?

im gunna look this up in a second, but like in the better more exact sense than this: if you can be seen you can see? i dunno

score: 777/100
from 10 days ago
Archive le quatre juillet

oui oiu

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Archive round three

is it time for thee

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from about 1 month ago
Archive getting rdy to go

how much left? optimistic view but i dunno if my desk will fit

getting get out there 

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from about 1 month ago
Archive took an l

but still rappin 4tay

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from about 2 months ago
Archive ding ding


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Archive SWEAT

new workout lifestyle

like Salah, everyday at the hottest scheduled time in your geographic area you MUST be outside working out. doesnt matter if you are in a meeting, this is a lifestyle religion so you just get up and bolt out. people will understand. 

you must wear all black sweat gear - sweatshirt, sweat pants, sweatbands, at least a beanie or full face covering. shoes whatever you like

for the workout: 1 hour of constant action, running in place, jumping jacks, bench press, curls, crunches, sprints in a circle, aerobics, anything workouty for an hour constant no breaks

score: 60/100
tags: fit, sweat, yes, im in, 2021, insta
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