complete proof of smile to recieve SSC. spend SSC on all kinds of things. SSC is the future. SSC is centralized below on the SunBlockChain.

transactions, smiling and staking done through unencrypted email to with evidence or any transaction details.

ID SmileySunCoin STATUS POS(proof of smile) OWNER
1 Ssc Shining Jdgpos JDG
2 Ssc Shining Jdgic JDG
3 Ssc Shining Pos3 NW
4 Ssc Dormant video of rcw smoking weed then taking a shot b4 exhaling claim :)
5 Ssc Shining The Bernie Mac Show S2E03 "Carfool" 10/30/2002 Mark the Star
6 Ssc Dormant video of jdg talking to a girl @ a bar claim :)
7 Ssc Dormant post card mailed to baby mark with a sun drawn on it claim :)
8 Ssc Dormant screenshot of a NEW text conversation w runyon claim :)
9 Ssc Shining Conpiece
10 Ssc Dormant verified paper airplane throw of more than 40ft claim :)
11 Ssc Dormant picture of a cat on a dog taken before 2pm claim :)
12 Ssc Dormant the result of alden's /played on his main wow account claim :)
13 Ssc Dormant fantasies football week 13 high scorer claim :)
14 Ssc Dormant picture of you and your favorite animal taken @ the zoo claim :)
15 Ssc Dormant initiate the first verified SSC transaction claim :)


@:10/12/17 14:45 From: SunBlockChain To: JDG || Amt: 1 SSC || Note: Foundations
@:10/12/17 20:47 From: SunBlockChain To: NW || Amt: 1 SSC || Note: High up in a tree
@:10/13/17 10:23 From: SunBlockChain To: Conpiece || Amt: 1 SSC || Note: share this video
@:10/13/17 17:31 From: SunBlockChain To: Mark the Star || Amt: 1 SSC || Note: No courtesy honks here
@:11/19/17 15:45 From: SunBlockChain To: JDG || Amt: 1 SSC || Note: fight on i mean go rams