switching to apple music


  • spotify doesn't have an easy to browse 'library' like the apps from my past. Choosing something to listen to because a 'recently played' fest because the ui for getting to any other album sucks. the ui scrolling through my library is laughable. no tags.
  • i hate seeing the goddamn podcast ads polluting my screen space. i have never listened to a single podcast on spotify - get them out of my universe. if i never see joe rogan or the nsfw girls again ill be better for it
  • spotify serving music industry by curating all these playlists - groupthink music for the masses. makes discovery even harder as people now rely on 'corporate' playlists based on how the app pushes them. 
  • i want to rename all the neggy gemmy back to negative gemini and i can't
  • the circle dock app on the mac bar is annoying. get with the program and put the icon in a square with rounded corners.
  • the 'just for fans' emails enrage me for some reason
  • the apple music quality murks spotify whatever it could be the settings but the same songs sound better on apple music and it shouldnt be up to me to fix any of this shit even if it is in the settings
  • apple music had more rap mixtapes but seems like spotify caught up on the big ones but it still took forever
  • spotify tries too hard LOL


from over 2 years ago
on 2021-12-03