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Archive starving for the future

can't wait til all the food is produced by robots in skyscraper farms

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Archive bank$y

the art of banksy

just exited through the gift shop at the banksy exhibition in amsterdam. what an ironic clusterfuck. as an (cringe) artist I feel pretty conflicted about banksy, I like his work and street art is a cool modern medium that he definitely took to the mainstream (good/bad/whatever), but how effective is your anti capitalist message/movement when you've made yourself a millionaire out of it. it's the snow-piercer dilemma, once you fight the system all the way to the top you find that you are exactly where you were always supposed to end up. the tienaman square tank piece he has (where in this case the protester is simply directing the tanks to the dept store sale or something) comes to mind, and just reinforces that whatever statement or status quo defying rebellion you think you're taking part in, you're exactly where you were placed and intended to be. that is the nature of capitalism I suppose, our darkest desires can be fulfilled if what we provide is in high enough demand. if we are aware of this does it somehow give us an upper hand at fighting the power? or are we now more prone to complacency and giving in, getting ours, and playing the game because there is no other choice. whether he is totally self aware or entirely hypocritical is moot. banksy has his anonymity, and his money. in this day and age these are by far the two most valuable things.. besides like.. love or whatever.

(puts guy Fawkes mask on) is banksy a government conspiracy? is he some edge lord making obvious social commentary to feel superior and somehow outside of the machine? who cares, he paints some pretty pictures. all in all was it worth €19? fuck no. banksy still p whack. 

rip art. 

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Archive hot night

please dont touch me or my work computer ever again

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Archive adam, the rising

what world is this

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Archive coffee water

at work i developed a new drink that keeps me feeling ok making it through an afternoon: coffee water. there are likely many variations possible, but i typically make my coffee water the same way every time. i start by getting a thermos of coffee in the morning and returning to my desk. i am not above drinking the bottom of the pot that probably should have been dumped out - and that's perfect; by the time I make it in the office dregy,thick,black&burned becomes my ideal base for coffee water. after slurping most of thermos down, the last remnants of my ground-up bean-drug juice then sit on my desk and rest until the time comes to make the transformation from coffee to coffee water. this rest period typically lasts at least three hours, though it hasnt been uncommon for dregs to rest thirty or fourty hours before the time is right. when the right times comes isn't easy - i never leave my desk and head to the kitchen with the idea i'll be making coffee water. usually im set on just getting more coffee or a clear cup of chilled cooler water. the magic starts to happen as i approach the company kitchen - i hear someone milling around. my senses pick up as i enter the kitchen and look left: no coffee. i look to the sink and see a coworker stooped, bent, washing out a lunch container--there is no room for me at the sink. perfect i can get by without interaction. with dreg filled thermos in hand i push swiftly and silently beyond my coworker directly to the watercooler. an occupied sink, no coffee, an unwashed vessel and me// all the ingrediants are here. without rinsing i fill my quickly thermos and dash back to my desk, treat in hand. 

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Archive smooth sailing no fear of failing

take the micro and the macro

the matter of facto

ur never gonna figure it out

the times that you listen to my words

and not just memorize the chorus

you do it wrong

just for the fuck of it sometimes

thats why I'm jelly bout it 


i miss you but I wouldn't if it werent

when you know you know

and can't no one take that away from you

even if u do it wrong

eventually because of something 

else it will be right

it'll all make sense


it'll all change

and it won't make sense

there is no end

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Archive u me cran && * S * W * 0 * 0 * P * [[[ G ]]] !!!!
last nite paid a tab with a craniel fake $50 damn craniel
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Archive take three over one
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Archive gabba gabba

if i were a rich man w 25k to blow id have bought everyone of the pictures by jeffrey sklan - criminal defense attorney 

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Archive my smokin hot wife
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Archive always cool to do something

gunna be a sickk month

sep growth

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Archive meant to post this

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Archive get over your job

unless u the boss it aint u

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Archive coming soon
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Archive just added music

check out the tunes section

to hear tracks from your soon to be favorite talented artists

and to submit your own

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Archive 8 jd 💆‍♂️

may the better chef prevail. get ripped

that is too weird

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Archive goal setting


easy to start hard to finish

from home or on the road

just be a better friend

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