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The HP Stream is a handy little powerhouse that will be up to the task right out of the box. What sets it apart from other netbooks on the market is that it runs Windows 10 rather than a browser based operating system. This ushers in a new era  of actually saving things to your hard drive, the sky is the limit with personal mobile computing's (or PMC) "new kid on the block" so get your head out of the clouds. Silicon Valley's new bad boy, the Stream 11, comes in a variety of colors, an intel gigashit processor and 4 gigs of ram so watch out all you Macbooks and Surface Pros, make some room at the top. It comes loaded with full bloatware and integrated graphics making this a pretty formidable gaming rig, just about any piece of entertainment software circa-1998, you're in the game. You might even be dominating hearthstone matches at low video settings! (Think of all the packs you can buy with the money you saved!) Not to mention Vanilla WoW on a flashdrive?! Yes way. So the next time you find yourself waiting in an alley for that 8-ball or for your next filthy lap dance at the dream palace, consider investing that money in the only 11 inch laptop you'll ever want or need. If that isn't enough, take a look at these REAL testimonies from satisfied customers.

"Truly, a testament to and an inspiration to the future of technology and mankind" -Gorkys Hernandez, CF, San Francisco

"I'd be nowhere without my HP Stream 11. I'd be no one." -Gus Jameson, Chess master, Alabama

"I luh dis stream, my neej. I might get two hp streams" -Lt. Jace Striker, 8th army division, Connecticut

Get yours today!

(Unboxing video to follow, Stay tuned!)


score: 88/100
from about 4 years ago

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